A Guide to Revamping Your Resume

A Guide to Revamping Your Resume

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Has your industry changed, and you need to find yourself in a new position? Have you been downsized? Are you watching changes in your company that does not look promising long term? Have you decided that it’s time to change careers? If so, you’re going to want to adjust your resume so that it works for you. Chances are, your resume reflects what you do NOW. You want your resume to reflect what you want to do in the future. Confused? Here is a little resume help to assist you in leaping!

Work with What You Already Have

 You must refresh your resume to reflect your new interests while bragging on the skills you already have. If you’re changing careers, it’s time to ditch the college resume and create a professional resume that highlights your skills and experience instead of focusing on your education and college activities. For those already using a professional resume, it’s important to highlight skills that would be beneficial in any position. First, you need to think about the skills you have acquired that will be beneficial to a new employer, no matter the field. For example, being an effective communicator is a skill that transcends any job description. Also, if you have experience managing a team of people, you’re automatically an appealing job candidate. Make sure that in your resume, you play up your cross-functional skills. Even though you might not have experience in your new field of choice, you have life experience – something that is vitally important to employers!

Rework Your Summary

 The summary in your resume can be compared to the back cover of a book. It has to say a lot in a small amount of space to get

A Guide to Revamping Your Resume
A Guide to Revamping Your Resume

someone to buy it. If you’re changing careers, you’ll need to craft your summary to highlight your skills for the job you want—not the job you have! For example, if you’re switching to sales from accounting, talk about the experience you do have in sales or skills that you have that would be beneficial as a salesperson! Technically, you might not have been in sales, but your last job probably has sales aspects to it. Play those aspects up! If you’re not quite sure how to articulate how your skills will benefit the company, solicit the help of a resume writing company. Resume writing services are a great resource. They’ll talk through your skillset and craft your resume so that you are a shoo-in to make the switch. While resume writing might seem harsh to you, several companies make resume writing a breeze for you!


Chances are, if you’re changing careers, you’ll be applying for a plethora of different types of jobs, maybe even in various fields. This being the case, you’re going to want to adapt your resume to fit each position for which you’re applying. If you’re applying for a sales position, a finance position, and a client service position, tailor each resume to prove that you have the skills that are right for each job. A great way to get started on the tailoring process is to use words and phrases from the job ad. If the ad calls for a computer literate self-starter with three to five years of experience, the phrase you resume so that it shows you like to take the initiative, you’re a whiz in various computer programs, and you have four years of experience. There are certain buzzwords that employers are looking for, so use the job ad as a guide! If you’re applying for an executive-level position, make sure you have an executive resume. High-level positions require more in-depth resumes than just the average professional resume. If you’re not sure which kind of resume you need, don’t hesitate to contact a resume writing service to help explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of resumes. Another thing to consider is if you need to switch from a technical resume to a professional resume or vice versa. If you are moving into a highly technical field, you need a technical resume that will highlight your sophisticated technical skills. If you’re moving out of a highly technical field, consider switching to a professional resume. The important thing is to hit your target employer with the information that is most important for him to decide that you are the perfect person for the job or jobs in specific city like UAE Jobs.

Be Functional

 Most resume writing is done in reverse chronological order – with your most recent experience first and your prior experience after that. While this practice is widely accepted, there are other formats you can use for your resume. For example, why not use a functional resume? A functional resume is set up in terms of skills. Your resume would have sections that focused on specific skills, such as sales, finance, administration, management. These resumes are particularly effective if you have experience in your new career path, but it was several years ago. Functional resumes draw attention to your accomplishments and skills rather than focusing on dates. If you’re a bit confused on how a functional resume works and need more information, you can look for resume services that can help you decide if a functional resume is right for you.

Changing careers can be tough, but it’s a challenge that millions of Americans face every year. Focusing on creating an appropriate and targeted resume will give you a major advantage when you’re making the switch.