Best KENTUCKY ROUTE ZERO Pc Game REVIEW It took developers Cardboard Machine seven years to release all five episodes of their journey in the otherworld. It was kickstarted for the first time in 2011. Chapter 1 was released in 2013, and since then the subsequent plays have dropped sporadically. While games like The Walking Dead or Life is weird will reduce episodes at most months apart, Kentucky Route Zero would have two hours to walk into your life

It is strange to have to revisit a game I’ve been enjoying for over seven years. It’s an oddly nostalgic feeling, a reminder that I am a totally different person from when I started playing back in 2013. While I believe others will have the same insight, the message from Kentucky Route Zero about the rural America and the working class hardships is as important today as it was back then.


The story follows Conway, a truck driver who transports antiques and self-described drifter. We track his delivery to 5 Dogwood Road you can get this game in, a spot that no one seems to have heard of, which obviously lies somewhere along an ethereal highway named the One , after the little antique store that he works for shuts down, As Conway is looking for his goal, a host of fellow wanderers gradually follow him.

A road-trip on tarmac is far from being just a wheel. Throughout its five parts KRZ guides you through a variety of crazy pit stops. A lot of the story is told through character conversation and experimentation as you point to different scenes and press your way around. The priority here, however, is not on puzzles but on creating an evocative environment and unforgettable scenes. An old cathedral that’s been converted to an office building where you’re not quite standing inside or outside. An empty gas station foundation which is formed like a horse. An eerie museum of suburban neighbourhood houses called the’ Museum of Dwellings’.