Epson L1800 Printer Reviews & Driver


Epson has for quite some time been an entrenched name in the business, with items going from printers to projectors. Moreover, the organization additionally highly esteems conveying remarkable family unit items for the general population, with a couple of half breeds tossed in the middle of for those purchasers not hoping to hold back on quality for progressively reasonable items. Even though it might appear to be a wrecked record, spewing a similar spill on the Ink Tank System, it is, actually, one of the champion highlights on the present line of printers, radically lessening support costs over the long haul, permitting the regular man to handily bear the cost of the upkeep upon their underlying speculation.

Epson L1800 Printer Reviews

As referenced in the audit of the Epson L850 Photo Printer, Epson likewise propelled an A3 size form in the L1800. Be that as it may, in contrast to the previous, the L1800 is designed explicitly for top-notch photograph prints, expelling huge numbers of the standard family unit functionalities, for example, a scanned. Simultaneously, in any case, the organization despite everything gives a practical way to create very good quality prints, something would-be purchasers can most likely appreciate. To download its all driver you can go to only Epson Driver. They provide all kinds of Epson printer drivers.

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Manufacture and Design

Dissimilar to the Epson L850, the L1800 is equipped, explicitly, for photograph printing. While it can do standard prints, there are no other multifunction alternatives. This implies the printer looks fairly like printers of days gone by, wearing on the paper feed plate and the yield plate, the two of which overlap away pleasantly. In contrast to other present-day printers too, there are no indications of any gleaming plastic trimmings, keeping it basic in the matte dark. Since it is fit for printing A3 prints, the unit is very huge and conveys a massic 12.5KG of weight. It is additionally very wide, with measurements of 705‎x322x215mm. You won’t carry this unit around regularly. Not a lot to take a gander at extremely, yet at the same time a decent, strong form you won’t have any issues with as far as unbending nature.

There’s likewise just a solitary choice for availability, that of the USB link to your PC, nearby the electrical plug on the back of the unit. The front face houses four fastens, that of the force on, paper plate abrogate, ink supersede, and a drop print choice. The main other control is situated on the Ink Tank System as a stifle valve to keep away from any spillage of ink during transport, or when the printer isn’t being used.


Similarly, as with a significant number of Epson’s different printers, arrangement for the L1800 is a breeze. When you’ve bested up the Ink Tank with its six hues, clients can just discharge the stifle valve and proceed to the Epson programming arrangement using their PCs. The product permits various investigating choices, including the spout check, and head cleaning, the two of which go through consequently. As a rule, the head consistently requires a touch of cleaning upon first use. While there is the alternative of programmed arrangement too, I’ve never needed to tinker with these settings on any Epson printer already. Notwithstanding going through these means before you print your first photograph, the product is additionally equipped for introducing and featuring potential blunders and proposes methods for investigating these mistakes. Aside from the “no paper” blunder, there was nothing else to report during the fourteen-day survey period.

Out of sight, clients can likewise dive somewhat more profound into the settings of the printer, setting the photograph paper size and type, the shading and gamma arrangement (for which you can download your very own couple presets on the web), and a large group of other, increasingly inconsequential settings for the amateur client.


To just express that the L1800 prints stunning A3 photographs would be adequate to close this segment of the survey, in any case, simultaneously, leaving it as such does bad form to its abilities. After printing the first of the numerous borderless A3 prints, I was somewhat distrustful concerning the degree of value the L1800 would deliver. Also, to my joy, it was as sharp as it showed up on my HD screen. The main concern I had is that the hues were not 100% on the imprint, however without contrasting it with the first, it despite everything looked splendid. By downloading an alternate shading preset, I had the option to separate the shading palette for my determination in the resulting prints.

The aftereffects of the quality are likewise dependant on the nature of the photograph paper, Epson giving their own Semi-gleam Premium Photo Paper for use, which conveyed amazing completions. The unit is likewise equipped for printing littler pages, including A3+, A3, A4, A5, A6, B5, C4, C6, DL, Letter, 10×15 cm, 13x18cm, 16:9, and Legal. Because of Epson’s own Micro Piezo innovation, printing costs are diminished drastically and close by the Ink Tank System, costs are at the very least after the underlying speculation upon buy. Having not recently addressed the Micro Piezo tech, it appears to be opportune to do so now. To put it plainly, this tech permits the inkjet to drive ink by methods for an electrical charge, instead of warm warming on other ink cartridges. This outcome in less wastage, far superior exactness, just as dependability. While this spares costs on cartridges also, the expenses are higher when the printing head is harmed, which would need to be supplanted all in all, rather than simply the printing cartridge. The additions are gigantic over the customary inkjet frameworks, yet the potential expense to fix harms might be high.


In case you’re in the market for a strong, excellent photograph printer, with no longing for multifunction backing, or network alternatives, at that point the Epson L1800 will far outperform your prerequisites. The unit produces business quality prints, from A3 to C4 and C6 sizes. And keeping in mind that the unit is fit for sparing you a little fortune in upkeep, and ink topping off expenses, there is a punishment regarding the underlying speculation, with an RRP of R9,000. Truly, this seems like a little fortune for a home printer, however, the L1800 is effectively fit for being adjusted to business use. Indeed, even still, in case you’re an eager picture taker, continually spending on having your photographs imprinted in bigger sizes, the L1800 would do pleasantly in your office.