Stop Wasting Time And Start BIJOY BAYANNO


The most famous console for all Bangalees on the planet to compose Bangla on PC its name, Bijoy 52. Some state that on the off chance that Bijoy Bayanno was not conceived, at that point the historical backdrop of composing Bangla on PC would have been different. The first version of the Bijoy Bayanno was distributed on December 16, 1988. After the 16 years of persistent use, the second version of the Bijoy was discharged in 2004 to present Unicode perfectly. Here you can download Bijoy Bayanno composing programming with the sequential key.

To type in the ASKI technique, open the application program and type Ctrl + alt + b. SutonnyMJ text styles must be utilized for this. To type in the standard Unicode strategy, press the Ctrl + alt catch and type V. That is the reason you use the Veranda text style.

Why Bijoy 52?

Bijoy Bayanno (52) is the most loved Bangla composing programming in Bangladesh. Bijoy console balanced with the Unicode feature. It is in every case simple to utilize.

Bijoy Bayanno Features:

  • Bijoy Bangla composting program in every case simple to utilize
  • Default bangle text style SutonnyMJ
  • Simply press Ctrl+Alt+B to change bangle language
  • Exceed expectations type program
  • Word type program
  • Web type program
  • Online Bangla composting program
  • Advance with amazing and excellent textual style
  • Free bangle textual style assortment
  • Online Bengali composting program
  • Disconnected Bengali composting program
  • But any Bangla console
  • Improve Bijoy exemplary, Bijoy Unicode or just Unicode format