The 3 best stoves and lighters for hookers


Every beginner shisha smoker has time to switch to natural charcoal. With this we get longer duration of our cachimba session, in addition to getting a lower flavor to the components of chemical charcoal such as gunpowder among others, thus reducing the ash left by the pill and bringing out the maximum flavor to our tobacco.

Today we are going to introduce you to the three types of best-selling stoves to light horns,both at home and abroad (thanks to the stoves that work with gas cylinders).

Types of horns for hookers

To delve into these products, we should highlight that we can buy two large types of stoves,depending on whether we are going to use it at home, in the countryside or the street, and even in both places.

We talk about electric stoves,which we can find of 500w and 1000w, and gas lighters,which use small cylinders. The latter offer us the possibility to use them to light cachimba tablets anywhere,since they do not rely on an electricity source to use them.

They are stoves ideal for smoking shisha in the park, the beach or the pool, for example, and do not rely on a plug for it.

What type of stove should I buy?

When we consider buying a stove to light the natural coals of our shisha, we find a multitude of models and versions, gas or electric, and with a difference in prices between them that will give us thought: why is there so much difference between what some cost, and what others cost? Encendedor de gas o el├ęctrico para cachimbas.

Therefore, we will focus on the two types of coal lighters that we mentioned earlier: electric lighters (fixed or current) and gas lighters (ideal for transporting and using cylinder parts).